September 3, 2013 @ 9:50 AM

One of the larger installations of StaticWorx Eclipse series ESD rubber has been selected for use by Olympus for their new commercial operation in Melbourne.

The colour "Presto" was chosen based on the popularity overseas. Although roll form was considered the ultra square tile format was chosen to reduce wastage within the 730m2 project. Conductive adhesive (graphite impregnated) is also used. 

The Eclipse "Presto" met the clients requirements of being anti- static, conductive and disippative - a triple whammy in one go!

The other great advantage is that no special foot wear has to be worn, reducing headaches for managers worried about staff handling sensitive electronic equipment . With the wrong footwear -  static corruption of components could occur.

Static in assembly areas has lead to billions of dollars being lost in manufacturing with production and assembly of defective electronic products. Savvy electronic manufacturers are now taking the lead seriously by reducing the possibility of harming production by using StaticWorx rubber ESD. It makes sense and allows for higher ROI due to lower possibility of manufacture defects caused by static.

iRubber, the distributers for StaticWorx  in Australasia are pleased to include the range of this sustainable and envronmental specialised flooring surfaces amongst the increasing lines available. Quality and purity of product is thematic to all products iRubber supplies as is their service and knowledge.