June 13, 2018 @ 1:00 PM


We at Staticworx have served thousands of clients worldwide for more than 35 years, but we earn our clients' trust one job at a time.

Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies and leaders in their industries. All of them chose us because we are the industry's most reliable and knowledgeable providers of anti-static flooring solutions. And because we are customer-centric problem solvers and educators, not just a vendor that is biased about particular products.

All environments present unique challenges. But while circumstances may be complex, we provide seamless coordination in working with contractors, architects, engineers, and end users. We make sure our clients make the right decisions. And we ensure their satisfaction by providing ongoing customer support and technical know-how.

Our clients come from two worlds: the companies that test, produce, and repair static-sensitive assemblies, and organizations that rely on electronic devices to do their jobs. 

  • Hard-core static discharge applications. This includes electronics manufacturers and explosives handling that must meet stringent ANSI/ESD and DOD standards requiring flooring and special footwear in protected environments that cannot tolerate static at any level. 
  • Real-world end users. Environments range from data centers to 9-1-1 police dispatch areas, control rooms, labs, hospitals, government,etc. Here, anti-static flooring should be fault-tolerant to inhibit static on people wearing standard footwear without the added benefits of anti-static shoe soles.
    Organizations like Philips Medical and the Lowell, Mass., police department have been in your shoes. They've found that working with us saves time and money...and gives you peace of mind. See how Staticworx...for you!


We take pride in our industry accolades and testimonials from numerous clients, who know that static-free is worry-free.