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GroundLock™ Conductive Base
ESD Snap-Together Conductive Base

Any Staticworx ESD Tile Can Be Mounted on Snap-Together, Conductive Base

Designed to allow anti-static, electrically conductive (ESD) flooring installation in diverse spaces, quickly, Staticworx GroundLock™ can be paired with any Staticworx ESD tile on top. Ground with a copper grounding strip for maximum anti-static properties. This floor can be disassembled and moved to a different space or location. Completely reusable and it can be installed by anyone! 

This can contribute to greenstar points as it is designed for dissasembly.

Interlocking, Conductive Base

Odorless installation meets all the same conductivity parameters of a full-spread, conductive adhesive installation without the commitment associated with a permanent installation.Perfect for labs, leased spaces, concrete slabs with vapor issues, fast installations, occupied spaces etc. If an area becomes redeployed, it’s no big deal.


  • Lock-together withstands heavy loads up to 50,000 pounds
  • 10-Year limited warranty
  • Odorless, quick installation
  • Use any Staticworx ESD tile style as top layer
  • Slip resistant
  • No special sub-floor prep required
  • Made in USA
  • Can be walked on / used immediately
  • Easy to clean, maintain, and repair
  • Available in 610mm x 610mm or 305mm x 305mm.

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