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Eclipse EC ESD Rubber

Staticworx EC (Electrically Conductive) ESD Rubber flooring that is conductive, antistatic and capable of handling applications where special footwear is not an option. Staticworx® EC offers the only light colored, electrically conductive rubber flooring. Static generation less than 10 volts according to ESD STM 97.2 (tested with conductive shoes).

Staticworx EC (Electrically Conductive) rubber flooring was launched in 2001 as the industry's first conductive rubber floor and provides the best anti-static protection in any application.

Eclipse EC rubber is the ideal green product for a crowded work space, as it is free of halogens, PVC, lead, phithalates and asbestos.

Staticworx EC rubber meets and exceeds all domestic and international industry standards. See testing click here. It also exceeds ADA guidelines for slip resistance.
This product is essential for hypersensitive electronics manufacturing sites and also ideal for data centers, call centres, computer rooms, R&D labs, networked offices, hospitals, command centers, flight towers, and many additional environments.

EC Rubber can withstand heavy loads, and its non-glare surface comes in several colors; natural stone patterns, hides stains and scuff marks.








Special order colour.

Staticworx EC rubber comes with a lifetime warranty for conductivity. The only reason for replacing the flooring would be a need for a new colour. Most carpet lasts 6 to 7 years at most and this can be a huge problem when it comes to having to move sensitive electrical or electronic equipment.
EC Rubber meets California 1350 Indoor Air Quality
It can contribute to Greenstar points.
EC Rubber is free of VOCs, halogens, PVC, lead, phthalates, and asbestos.

These rubber floors never need conductive wax, can be cleaned with a damp mop, and are resistant to oils, grease, and chemicals and hot solder. It reduces explosion risks.

Specifications Staticworx® EC Rubber
Construction: Two-layer, vulcanized conductive rubber with high quality natural and industrial rubber components.
Thickness: 2 mm
Total Weight: N/A
Size: 610mm x 610mm tile and 1.22m x 12.2m rolls
Static Generation Comparison Less than 10 Volts per ESD STM 97.2 < 20 volts when tested according to ESD STM 97.2
Abrasion Resistance:
(ASTM D 3389 H-18 wheel, 500gm load)
Taber abrasion test, ASTM D 3389, H-18 wheel, 500 gram load, 1000 cycles, gram weight loss not greater than 0.70
System Resistance < 1.0 x 106

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