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ESD Carpet tile
A broad selection of ESD carpet now available on request

ShadowFX is a high quality anti-static carpet tile that provides permanent protection against ESD damage and meets the latest safety requirements set by ANSI, FAA, Motorola, ATIS, and NFPA.

•    Ideal for mission-critical, end-user environments—such as networked offices, call and dispatch centers, flight towers, and control rooms—that need to provide a safe workplace and avoid liability exposure.
    •    Also the preferred option for ESD-Protected Areas (EPAs) in the electronics manufacturing industry.
No More Guesswork!
    •    No need to worry about static dissipative vs. static conductive.
    •    One product meets all grounding standards and provides maximum safety.
    •    Safe Path to Ground
    •    Attractive colors and designs
    •    Comes in Patterns and Solids
    •    Invisible seams for better installation
    •    Installed over raised access floors
    •    Easily removed
ShadowFX is the only static-control carpet tile that meets the latest safety requirements of national standards organizations.


Below is the basic range but click on the latest link her and look at the additions to our new ESD carpet line up including the Trees range ===>https://kb.staticworx.com


Solid colours pdf

Pattern Colours pdf

See the Youtube video on How to Choose Anti-Static Carpet Tile.  

Cost Effective

  • Design elements eliminate the hassle of matching patterns and dye batches, and hides wear and tear—the main cause of carpet tile replacement. This results in significant savings.
  • Installed with releasable adhesives, allowing for easy removal of individual tiles, as opposed to the commonplace removal of entire rolls of broadloom carpet. This significantly reduces installation waste.

Sustainable, Durable, Reliable

  • Contains almost 50% recycled content and has low-emitting material. 
  • May qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits.
  • 100% of yarn bundles are wrapped with Helix 44 denier static-control fiber.
  • Withstands over 100,000 cycles of Phillips roller caster chair test.
  • Lifetime warranty on static control.
  • Made in America.


  • Can be installed non-directionally, which makes it ideal for raised access floors.
  • Mergeable dye lots allow you to replace tiles from future batches without concern for matching the original installation.

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