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"Grounded Solutions"
Staticworx Australasia
ESD anti-static flooring

ESD (anti-static) flooring for static control.


Static-control Flooring: The Conductive Fallacy



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Staticworx Australasia supplies high quality ESD anti-static flooring for use in a huge range of areas where electrostatic charge is a problem with sensitive equipment.

Each year, companies lose millions of dollars caused by damages from ESD (Electrostatic Discharges) in defective components and failed products. This can lead to loss of reputation and customer confidence.

ESDA (Electrostatic Discharge Association in the UK) reports an average of up to 22% yield losses in the electronics industry due to static and estimates this costs the industry billions of dollars. Another finding is that 60% of all product failures on electronic products could be traced to ESD related damages.

ESD floor - The most important tool in your ESD protection plan

ESD shoes and wrist bands degrade over time. The efficiency of these depend on the correct application of the individual operator and visitor.

The floor is the only universal contact to ground in any facility, which makes it the single most important tool in any company’s ESD protection plan. The choice of ESD flooring will have even greater impact on a company’s bottom-line.

It can take up to 3,500 volts for humans to feel a static shock, a transfer of just 100 volts can corrupt data and damage components.

Staticworx supplies 3 types of ESD flooring, ESD rubber, ESD vinyl and ESD carpet for use in data centres, mission critical, The highest quality resilient flooring solution, Staticworx® ESD rubber meets all of the recommended parameters of ANSI/ESD S.20.20. Creating a closed system along with the Groundtack adhesive and copper conductive strips, the floor is totally grounded and protected from static discharge.

Staticworx Australasia can help you find the right static resistant rating, and so select the correct static flooring option. We have had 20 years experience in the rubber flooring industry and offer an advisory service. We can recommend a local professional who understands grounding, and conductive flooring adhesives.

Staticworx EC rubber has been tested to comply with Australian BCA fire codes and has passed numerous tests conducted in the US.

Different floorings have different ratings based on volts and OHMS. There is a conductive range and dissipative range. All Staticworx flooring is within the safe range shown in the diagram below.

The ideal range regarding electrical resistance for ESD flooring systems (illustrated below) is defined in ANSI/ESD S20.20 - 2007 for system resistance. All Staticworx® products meet this specification to deliver true Class Zero ESD protection.


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