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Static Free floors

Staticworx EC rubber flooring.

Do you have staff actively handling static sensitive electronic parts and sub-assemblies (as opposed to using them)? Is your business reliant on electronic systems that may be affected by static discharge events?

Most static control flooring will not inhibit static without the use of special footwear.

Special footwear is not usually worn by personnel working in server rooms and data centers. Staticworx EC rubber flooring, with (with carbon chip conductors)prevents static regardless of shoes people will be wearing. Static control vinyl flooring, conductive or static dissipative cannot prevent static build up on people who wear everyday footwear. It will only prevent static where special footwear is used. Usually all static control vinyl tile and sheet floors are static generators.
Most performance specifications on ESD flooring brochures present data that was obtained using tests with special static-free footwear. Unless you plan to require special footwear, data obtained with static control footwear has no bearing on your application.

Independent labs and testing organizations have published data showing that EC rubber will not allow static charges over 200 volts no matter what type of footwear is worn.

Staticworx EC (Electrically Conductive) rubber flooring is the only conductive

rubber product meeting both the recommended system resistance of ANSI/

ESD S97.1 and the Body Voltage Generation for ANSI/ESD S97.2. Staticworx

EC Series rubber flooring is manufactured to meet Class Zero ESD Applications.
EC rubber rubber contains no plasticizers and it never requires any type of floor polish or wax.

Staticworx EC rubber flooring comes in tiles or rolls

Tiles are 610mm x 610mm x 2mm

Rolls are 1.2m x 12.2m x 2mm (14.64m2 per roll).


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