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Staticworx Crystalline SD
New Crystalline SD Launches 2014

Staticworx Launches Crystalline SD

Staticworx, North America’s largest distributor of static-control flooring, has launched Crystalline SD, a seamless, static-control product with high visual appeal.

“The feedback we’ve received from architects, contractors, and end-users is that they wanted more attractive flooring options to address the growing need for mission-critical flooring solutions in labs, clean rooms, data centers and control rooms,” says Staticworx President & CEO Dave Long.  “In response, we have introduced Crystalline, a durable and attractive solution that fills this void.”

According to Long, Crystalline SD is static-dissipative, not conductive.  “Until, now, the flooring industry didn’t provide designers with the proper options for a static-control, mission-critical environment,” says Long. “This resulted in companies not complying with industry grounding standards, which enabled the use of unsafe conductive flooring and carpet tile in environments where static control was viewed as more important than compliance with electrical safety standards.”Crystalline SD is designed to eliminate liability for architects because it offers the same level of static-control performance as less safe conductive materials while it still meets all grounding and performance standards.

In addition to mission-critical environments like telecommunication centers, the new product is designed for use in healthcare facilities, electronics manufacturing, and other environments.

Product features include the following:

  • Durable and reliable.
  • Seamless, monolithic look.
  • Quick and easy maintenance with sweeping, mop, or dry vacuum.
  • Meets key industry standards guidelines, including ANSI/ESD S20.20, FAA 019e, and Motorola R56.
  • Crystalline SD is a “green product” that is 100% recyclable and has 25% recycled materials.
  • Good slip and abrasive resistance.
  • Life-time static-control warranty.

The product is now available in various patterns and colors.

According to Long, the name Cystalline is derived from the product’s connection to crystalline structures, which are noted for being hard, striking in appearance, and matrix-like in design.

The lifetime static-dissipative properties are incorporated at the molecular level during the manufacturing process.

Says Long, “Over the years, we at Staticworx are proud to have taken the lead role in launching products that comply with static-control standards and also mitigate risk.  In this regard, we are pleased to serve as industry educators and purveyors of evidence-based information. We believe the launch of Crystalline SD is an example of a company listening to market needs while staying on top of best practices and new grounding standards in a highly litigious environment.”

For more information on Crystalline SD, visit the Staticworx website.


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